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Being in front of a camera can feel vulnerable.

Being in your undies during a boudoir session- nerve wrecking.

Often, as women, we see our bodies as a symbol of our self-worth.

If we gain and extra five pounds, we punish ourselves by talking down to ourselves or denying some of our favorite treats.

I can’t say I haven’t been a victim of this, but I did learn early on that how I visually looked didn’t perceive who I truly am.

The Younger Version of Me

When I was fourteen in the eight grade, I got teased by boys claiming they had a crush on me. At this point, I just wanted to go to school and learn. Of course, I liked boys! I just didn’t want the middle school drama that came with it. Because I kept to myself a lot, I was quiet and frankly, a little nerdy, no one really pursued me on this topic of boys or dating.

I continued to keep to myself all through middle school, until the weirdest thing happened to me. It still feels quite unreal and embarrassing. I guess you could say one of the popular boys in school started to pursue me. It really caught me off guard! I wore clothes that fit too big, my hair was not stylish (unlike all the other girls beautiful, long dark hair), an I loved to read. All those qualities didn’t fit right with the boy that dated one of the most popular girls in school.

I won’t go into further detail about the results, but it served as an interesting lesson.

There I was, fourteen year old Rose. Who knew that that teenage girl would teach me about confidence.

She taught me that nerdy glasses, studying, reading, learning, and kindness, are all perfect qualities in a world where beauty and youth do not have to be superficial.

She served the older version of me and all the women I get to serve during all my sessions.

Serving My Clients

Every woman I get to photograph lets their guard down in front of my camera. My job is to connect with them and make them feel safe, especially during any type of boudoir session or mini boudoir during a brand session.

Now, my clients are revealing a part of themselves that they have never exposed.

The boudoir session in Houston was at The Creative Chateau

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