I recently wrapped a branding session for my friend Esmeralda. Esmeralda came with a very specific goal for this project. Since the launch of her business, she didn’t have time to create a website. After receiving her real estate license, the website was essential to her business.
In her business, she has two types of clients. The first type of client is the first time home buyer. This buyer has never purchased a home and needs help buying a home. The second group of clients she works with are clients looking to upgrade. My focus was on two types of audience with different imagery targeting both. 


For the clients that are looking for a home, we had to focus on images that establish a sense of trust. We needed to show Esmeralda’s expertise in her industry. For instance, handling contracts with other real estate agents in a busy market. The real estate market is so intense right now, which is why it is so important that an agent doesn’t miss anything. It could cost Esmeralda’s clients their dream home.
The space for the project was top of mind. Photos of her on her laptop submitting contracts was one of the types of photos needed for her website. We used a studio with minimal decor and neutrals. This way Esmeralda could be the center of the imagery. This environment would establish that she is real estate agent.
The space feels like a home. With a living space, a kitchen and a dining space, and a space for a backdrop, the studio was the perfect match. We focused on headshots and some lifestyle images. All photos geared to load her website and some for social media. Having her in this space reinforced the sense of security, trust, and experience.

Brand photography of real estate agent in green dress looking over shoulder
Brand photography Real estate agent side profile in green dress
Real estate agent in green dress posing with Obama signature pose
Real estate agent posing while holding wrist and staring at camera
Real estate agent in green dress with celebratory hands in air


Esmeralda was well prepared. A lot of that was collaborating during the planning process. My photoshoot planning process is a pivotal key in any brand shoot. It is the blueprint to all my brand sessions. It is how I communicate my vision with all my clients.
For wardrobe, we focused on outfits that gave a sense of trust and responsibility. Esmeralda also wanted to throw in a fun outfit for social media post. Since these photos are for Esmeralda’s website, we kept the wardrobe consistent.

real estate agent in green dress slightly touching hair
real estate agent looking down on floor
real estate agent holding chin up


For more about Esmeralda’s services visit her on Instagram here.

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