Let's commit to thinking beyond the oh so boring laptop poses (still needed) but I want more for you!

It's time to have a gallery full of photos which express personality. It's time to stop scrolling through galleries full of repetitive, lackluster images of your brand and start thinking about how you can start brining in dollar bills (or bejamins) with brand images you love. 

We each have our own unique stories and quirks to share with the world. People love stories so why not give them what they want. By adding your own version, each photograph can be uniquely your story. 

and stop relying on dated photos that don't portray your brand

It's time to be the face of your brand

Stop wishing for more photos of yourself and start stepping into my zone of creativity to create timeless brand photos

But more importantly...

Her key objective is to promote women, their product or service, their skill sets, and their personality. With brand photography, Rose can tell their story, create a connection with their ideal client, elicit emotion and create an impactful online presence.

Not only does Rose provide photographs that help you get noticed, but she also provides a strategy to help gather ideas, scout locations, curate props/wardrobe, and plan a shot list with a variety of photos for all platforms.

Rose Tello is a brand photographer who helps women entrepreneurs up-level their online presence with compelling photos that attract the clients they love.

" About Rose "

If we could sit for an hour and chat all about your dream shoot, we would chat in my favorite macaron shop. I'd treat you to my favorite flavors- Hazelnut, Pistachio, and Lavender. 

It's time you start feeling ecstatic, beautiful and elevated during your brand session and hire a photographer that understands personal brands. Say goodbye to dated photographs and hello to brand photos you feel confident sharing. 

You want to feel relaxed and want a brand photographer that will direct you and not "pose" you into uncomfortable off brand poses. 

If you're looking to elevate your brand and stop overanalyzing your feed,  you're in the right place. I'm Rose, and I serve creative women just like you that want to get back to running their business. 

Tell me more about your story...

Have you ever sat up late at night under a lamp reading chapter after chapter? The book is that wonderful you can't put it down. For me that was Where The Crawdads Sing, Practical Magic, The Meaning of Life


My favorite memories involve conversations over delicious meals while on adventures in new countries.


I'm somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to wardrobe. I love all neutral colors, so you'll find me in a comfy t-shirt and trousers or a pima cotton or silk dress. I have a serious weakness for well made clothes. 

Go-to Outfit

I've traveled to the corners of Paris and devoured their pastries. I've walked in the streets of Amsterdam sharing smiles with strangers and walked into a pub with a five month old in London.  

Travel Spot

If it's happy hour, my drink of choice is either a mojito or a sidecar. If it's game night, (and no I don't mean football) I'll have a glass of wine or champagne. 


My favorite memories are about food.  I still think about that delectable apple pie I had up in the mountains while in Hawaii or that creamy taro bread. 


This section could be about your core values, Favorite things, or Fun facts.  Sum up what it will be about here.

A few of my favorites

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