Home Builder Branding Photoshoot

Home Builder Branding Photoshoot

I recently wrapped a branding session for my friend Abimael. Abimael came with a very specific goal for this project. Since the launch of his business, he didn’t have time to create a website. He realized after a big project of a million dollar home, the website was essential to his business. He’s been running a pretty successful business without a website or social media. Can you imagine that?!

More and more clients were asking for one. Because he was in the middle of the beginning stages of a home, he knew it would be the perfect time to show the different stages of his business.

In his business, he has two types of clients. The first type of client is the client that trust him to handle contracting all the jobs on site for their custom built home. Since Abimael has built a relationship with the best plumbing, electrical, hvac, flooring, etc. companies, he can facilitate the best workmanship for their luxury homes. The second group of clients he works with are clients looking to do some remodeling in their homes. To assure Abimael had plenty of content for his website, I made sure to make this goal apart of the planning process to focus on two types of audience with different imagery targeting both.

Branding to Custom Home Clients

For the clients that are looking to build a custom home, we had to focus on images that establish a sense of trust. We needed to show Abimael’s expertise in his industry. His clients are looking for someone that can handle contracting all the vendors for a large project like building a home. Not only are Abimael’s clients looking to partner with someone they can trust but someone with experience with their dream home.

The space for the imagery had to be specially selected with his client in mind. Showing photos of him working in a finished home, wouldn’t give the client the impression that he builds custom homes from beginning to end. We used one of his projects that had the wood frame established for the entire home ready. This environment would establish that he is not a real estate agent, which was one fo the concerns we had.

The space was at the beginning stages of building a home. We were surrounded with pillars and pillars of wood from the ground up. The frame had so many intricate parts to reinforce future walls and stairs, so there was a lot of room for variety. During the shoot, we focused on headshots, some behind the scenes, and some imagery of Abimael interacting with a client (aka my husband). All photos geared to load his website and some for social media. Having him in this space reinforced the sense of security, trust, and experience.

Headshot for a custom build home business owner
Contractor looking at his watch  and holding his hard hat for on site work
Contractor surrounded by wood frame of home while smiling
Contractor in blue smiling at camera
contractor sitting on wood frame staircase holding hard hat

Branding Photoshoot Planning

Abimael was incredibly well prepared. A lot of that was collaborating during the planning process. My photoshoot planning process is a pivotal key in any brand shoot. Similar to that of Abimael’s blueprints, my planning guide is the blueprint to all my brand sessions. It is how I communicate my vision with all my clients.

For wardrobe, we immediately knew that we needed to showcase an outfit that would gear to workmanship. Jeans and boots are an essential part of a jobsite, especially with all the dust and the occasional nails on the ground. Since these photos are mostly for Abimael’s website, we didn’t worry about variety.

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contractor looking through blueprints for home being built
contractor working with client showing him the stages of home compared to the blueprint
contractor leaning on staircase looking through the blueprint
contractor holding blueprint
contractor closeup of blueprint

Of course, my ultimate favorite photo. It screams, “Mom, I’ve made it!”

Contractor holding blueprint to camera while smiling

For more about what PleasantView Homes does check out their Instagram account here.

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