THE BOLD PEACE: Present Company and The Sugar and Cloth Wall in Houston, Texas

Today is an exciting day for Brittany, the owner of The Bold Peace.

It is launch date, which means give me all the bubbly!

In this case, cue the glitter.

The Bold Peace is a “lifestyle brand that focuses on promoting a culture of mental, spiritual, and physical well-being for women and men who are seeking MORE. More peace of mind, more time for themselves, and more restored energy to pursue their dreams.”

Part of the energy she wanted for her brand was bold and vibrant.

Brittany wanted her wellness brand to stand out and let her client feel that caring for your mental well being doesn’t have to feel stuffy and dull. It can fun and colorful, unlike the beige and white colors that go along with the wellness industry.

With an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a graduate degree in School Psychology, and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, she has the experience and knowledge to help her clients through the difficult stages in a busy life.

Since the vibe of the brand is colorful and bold, the first two locations were just that.

Present Company in Houston, Texas

The Sugar and Cloth Wall in Houston, Texas

The final location was more about getting those CEO photos for the about page and photos of her model journaling for some of her upcoming products.

If you’re ready to be brave and feel empowered, go to The Bold Peace

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