Brand Session with Katie from Suraleigh Co. : Menil Collection Houston, Texas

It was sometime in January or February of 2020 that I decided I’d offer some brand mini-sessions. When I claimed my date in March, little did I know the direction our year was heading into. I eagerly went into launching this event on social media and looking for spaces to rent.

In this unique moment in our world’s history (Covid-19), I connected with Katie, the owner of Suraleigh. 

For seven years, Katie worked for corporate America before fulfilling her role in her business. She combined her finance and MBA knowledge and took the leap to venture into something she loves.

Now, she is an amazing graphic designer that works with heart centered, women entrepreneurs across the nation. 

When I met Katie at Thirteen 48 Heights, I would have naturally hugged her. We were a week from quarantine in Houston, TX and uncertain of how this virus was unfolding. 

She was a few weeks from launching her new website and with more time nestled in our homes, her first brand photos served a great purpose. 

The goal was to fill her website with cohesive images that represent her brand and resonate with her ideal client. 

The second brand shoot was a little different than the first. This time the goal was to get more lifestyle and candid photos with a clean, modern vibe to use specifically on social media. 

clean + modern + feminine + thoughtful + caring

These are the words that Katie wants her ideal client to think about whenever they think of her business.

Before and during her session,  I needed to think and make a decision about how I can represent her  brand- does this photo embody the brand’s voice? To make sure that every aspect of your brand is consistent, aligned and cohesive, it is important to remind yourself of this, especially when looking for a location. 

Two of Katie’s brand words are clean and modern, so I needed a location that set that message. 

With it’s “menil” gray, the fluidity, openness and tall, shaded pathways, we knew the Menil Collection would serve perfectly as the shooting location. 

If you venture off into the area, you notice how the grays of shade from the bungalow style homes coordinate with the Menil gray of the building. 

If you are in the area for your next brand session, don’t miss out on the cafe and bookstore. They are the next perfect location to add into your photoshoot. 

Her next word, feminine, was accomplished by the wardrobe Katie wore along with the right poses during the session. Guiding her through poses and assuring that she felt comfortable and beautiful demonstrates to her ideal client the power of femininity. 

Here’s the thing about being a service based businesses, I have to approach sessions  a little different since there are no tangible products to shoot. For Katie’s session, I showed what a normal day as a graphic designer would look like: working with her clients, brainstorming, her workspace, and just showing off how she does her job.

Take a look at the results.

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