I’d like to share a secret with you, and please don’t judge me. I’m an obsessive planner, like I have a desk calendar, a google calendar, and notebook filled with more to do list obsessed.
Getting through the day can be a little hard if I didn’t learn to prioritize. After pregnancy, I wanted to do everything take care of Benjamin and myself, clean, cook, and work.
I had to learn to break my day down.
Take care of yourself and baby (and dog if you have one). Feed you (especially if you breastfeed) and baby.
Workout. Ideally I’d like to workout for thirty minutes a day, but as of now, it’s been about twenty-five a day.
Clean. This involves any dishes I left from breakfast and lunch. I’m also guilty of making my bed at noon.
To do list. For instance, make appointments.
That is how I prioritize on a NORMAL day.
On the days I have to run errands, work and even post on social media, I have a different schedule.
Ps. I don’t have it together most days. My office space is a disaster, and I still have clothes in the dryer from Sunday.

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