My husband took this photo of Benjamin and I in front of Westminster Abbey. Just minutes before this photo, I sat in the cold halls of Westminster, while I nursed Benjamin. I remember his cold little his hands on my chest and him chugging away. Sometimes, he’d look up at me, and I’d wonder if he knew who I was. Other times, he’d immediately pull of my breast and stare at the guest distracting his feedings.
For the first six weeks, breastfeeding was not as easy as moments before this photo. I read that it takes about six weeks for baby and mother to adjust, so I set a goal of six weeks. First, Benjamin had a poor latch because of his lip and tongue tie, so my concern was that I would experience a decrease in milk supply. I pumped and pumped and cried because I was so tired. I remember often Raul walking in the room while I pumped. Surely, he would find me crying as well. He consoled me, encouraged me and gave me options, but my heart was set on giving the best I could to Benjamin, especially because of the benefits .
This photo is a reminder of the nice things my husbands tells people. “Rose didn’t give up.”
Thinking back at those first six weeks of life still brings back tears, but I’m also reminded of the wonderful family that prayed over me. I proudly announce that we met our second goal and we are still breastfeeding and hope to continue.

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