Four months postpartum, and I’m on a mission to burn this little belly. I read somewhere that it takes nine months for your body to reach full term, so give yourself a break. Pizza break?
I started eliminating certain food products (baked goods- I love cake yall) from my daily diet four weeks ago. I’m not sure how to measure my progress, but everyday I look myself in the mirror and convince myself that my tummy is going back to normal.
I joke with my husband sometimes. If it were the men gaining the weight, the world wouldn’t care.
For those of us that feel discouraged, watch Embrace on Netflix. The documentary shows us how we prescribe to this notion that skinny, toned and fit are healthy, but Taryn proves to us that you can run marathons, be healthy and not obsess over diet and exercise.
Favorite parts of the film:
Pregnancy: I loved pregnancy! I felt very blessed to have the opportunity to grow my Benjamin. I felt great! When my bump was gone, I cried in the shower.
In the film, postpartum, Taryn, was in the shower and looked down at her belly, and it was gone. All she saw was “jelly belly.”
Plastic surgery: After three children, Taryn decides she is not satisfied with her body and wants plastic surgery. She backs out. She asks, “what kind of example would I give my daughter?”
She later meets with a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles as part of the film. The surgeon suggest she reconstruct her breast. “They’re not slinkies. They just don’t go back.” She laughed and said, “Of course they’re not slinkies. They provided 4000 meals to my three children. They don’t deserve a hard time. They deserve a gold star on Hollywood Blvd. Go boobs!”
So tomorrow, Benjamin, Raul, and I will have pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and a Marble Slab ice cream.


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