Benjamin and I were walking the isles of Babies R Us on Thursday, and I just couldn’t believe all the gadgets available for babies. I am some percent minimalist (with the exception of shoes and clothes, but that’s something I’ll be working on for 2018). When I began my baby registry, I only wanted the necessities. Some of the best purchases for me were- our 4moms rockaRoo, a manual breast pump, and coconut oil.
Benjamin spends a lot of his day both on the swing and on tummy time, so I feel the rockaRoo has been a great purchase. If you are looking to make a big purchase, I think any infant swing will work.
Some of the small purchases I like were my manual breast pump, which I leave in my car in case I need it. Honestly, I dislike pumping, so it’s very rare that I do, but it’s easier to carry around than the electric one.
And coconut oil y’all! This small purchase saved our life when we were in London. I brought it along because Benjamin has dry skin. In the middle of our trip, he got a diaper rash. We applied three different types of creams and none of them worked as effectively as the coconut oil did.
Some obvious purchases we decided to make were a crib, a stroller, and a car seat.
His crib has mostly been used for tummy time as well. Since day one, he did not like his crib. Frankly, I didn’t either. I didn’t get much sleep putting him in there. I’d frequently wake up to check that he was breathing. It worked out best for us to co-sleep. Now, he sleeps right in our bed, and I can hear him breathe, move his little arms around, kick his legs up, and when he’s hungry, he just rolls right on his side.
I think our next big purchase will be a high chair. Since he is able to sit up now, a high chair works perfectly with Baby Led Weaning. I like this idea because I don’t have to get wound up in purees or canned baby food. This way Benjamin gets to experiment with using his hands, chewing, then swallowing. They sell these really cool suction plates, but I figured it was pointless for now since things will get messy anyway. So stay tuned for photos of Benjamin smothered in avocado.

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