What a Personal Brand Photographer can do for you.


Personal branding photographer

Aside from taking captivating images of your brand, they also plan your entire shoot.

Planning is major component of the process that contributes to a personal branding session. Before we get into further details about what entails the planning process, we need to establish how a photographer gets to know you, your brand and your company. 

Photographers have a series of questions they will ask to determine if you are ready in your business to invest into a personal branding session. 

Here’s a blog post where I talk about a few things you need to know before you start paying for services. 

A photographer will either schedule a discovery call with you or have you fill out a branding questionnaire to conclude whether a personal branding session is right for you. 

Once you both have established this part of the planning process, you both can move forward.

During the rest of the process, the photographer will keep in close contact with you, while she or he works behind the scenes to plan the following.

1. Location

The scouting of a location requires that the photographer know you and your brand. It’s important to know what kind of vibe you want your brand to portray. That is something your photographer should go over with you to get to know you and your brand better. Your photographer will also take care of scheduling and communicating with the facility that you want to use for your shoot. 

2.  Wardrobe

There’s two things to consider. First, styling.

If your photographer is an expert in this part, they can guide you in selecting the clothes that will make you feel confident.

In the case that your photographer does not have expertise in this part, they can direct you to the right person that will help you select the clothes for you.

The second part involves selecting the outfit for each portion of the shoot. With their visual eye, the photographer can help you choose what outfit looks best for different portions of the day.

The more wardrobe changes you get the more variety your images will have. It’s imperative you establish this part with who you hire. 

I like to recommend that my clients have at least 10 different looks for their session.

3. Props

Your photographer should be able to open those creative juices in you and help guide you in the prop selection. Some photographers will share a guide with you with prop suggestions. Other’s may advice you to bring specific props on the day of your shoot. 

If you are having a hard time with this portion, think of tools you use for your business and iconic items that tell insight about who you are. For instance, mine would be Oreos and coffee. 

4. Scheduling

This is so important that your photographer can schedule hour by hour what will happen during your session. This helps keep the day organized and flowing without interruptions. Your photographer may share a map of your day with you before the day of your shoot. This schedule will have all the aspects of your session from wardrobe times to exact shots with slots of the day. 

The job of your photographer is to lift any stress involved in planning for a shoot. It may take a few weeks to a month to plan all this and some communication from you to have a successful session. 

A professional branding photographer will help you feel confident and satisfied with your experience, service, and images. 

5. Key shots

During your planning session, your photographer will ask you for the key shots you need. These should be top priority. Think about photos you may need for social media ads, headshots for your social media profile image, or about me photos for your website. 


An experienced photographer will know how to guide you through the shoot to make you feel comfortable and feel confident through your session. They will choose the most flattering poses and guide you without making it difficult and uncomfortable.


Each photographer will have their own style. Shop around to see what photographer fits your brand. I will say that although one photographer’s style may be light and airy, that does not mean they cannot provide dark and moody images. When you are a branding photographer, the brand is about the client and not the photographer. As photographers we should be able to help achieve your brand vision. However, there are some photographers that may saturate photos more than others. In some cases, they could look more orange than another photographer’s work. Don’t be afraid to ask a photographer to provide a gallery of images to help finalize your decision. 

Maybe this is a lot to plan, but if it feels overwhelming, don’t fret my friend. Use a lifeline and call a friend or a personal branding photographer. 🙂

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