With Love, Your Ellen

On a good week or a bad week, I can count on our Pappasito’s special and a side of a handcrafted margarita especially crafted for the occasion. At moments of anger, like when our guacamole falls on the table, our Mexicanness is what defines us. You indulge in all of my guilty pleasures- cupcakes, pints of beer, family style meals, popcorn and pickles, miniature corn dogs, boy crushes and I think our new pleasure, that we have yet to try, cookies crushed in milk. Wait, what?
(Yasssss our conversations are littered with inside jokes.)



I’m so glad you’re only minutes away, and I no longer have to fake smile and cry at the same time because you were leaving me for Milwaukee, but who could blame you. It’s only the second best place on Earth (because of this building of course).


Cheers to more Ellen moments, and thank you for being the best friend a girl can have.


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