“A life isn’t one paragraph long.”

Three hundred and fifty-four days ago I vowed to spend my life with people who make me happier and better. I vowed a lot of things out loud and personally. This year has had its dark days, days I just wanted to hit the restart button. My patience and kindness were tested on so many levels. The closer we get to the end of whatever this moment in my life is, the closer I get to the light and I’m slowly realizing that it is a test of my faith.
I just want to go back to being me, corn dogs with mustard, Ellen outfits, half empty movie theaters, the back isles of Target…
Today, I am thankful to have the people in my life that allow me to be myself.


  1. Neto says:

    “some philosophical perspectives suggest that the positive and negative are by definition dependent on each other; that is, human existence seems to be constituted by basic dialectics,such as gains and losses,happiness and sorrow,autonomy and dependency,or positive and negative.
    It is part of the very nature of such pairs that one component cannot exist without the other.”

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