Stop speaking fear into your mind.
Take the leap.
Invest in your goals.
Do what you love.
Do it day and night, until you get results.

If you are starting off in business, there are so many things you can do right now that won’t cost you anything, but time

Building your brand is more than beautiful photos and a pretty logo.

Before looking for services that will cost you money, think about your story, your message, your mission, and your client.

Your Story

Think about the pivotal moments in your life that have added value to your business. How can you use your experiences, your successes and your failures and embody that in your story.

Who do you want to serve and how you can serve them.

How do you produce work and content for that one person and not a sea of people?

Ask yourself about who you want to serve.

1. Where does your client live? 
2. Does your client own a pet?
3. Does your client have children?
4. What are your client’s hobbies? 5. How does he/she spend their time?
6. What books/magazines does your client read? 7. What TV shows does your client watch?

These are just a few questions to begin your client profile. I would recommend going into as much detail to determine who you want to serve.

At the beginning of my business, I took any work. I wanted portfolio work, and I wanted to get paid! However, I didn’t build an ideal client profile. The more I gained experience, I began to notice what type of client I didn’t want to work with.

So, don’t fret if you don’t have all the nuts and bolts to this part. If you begin to have an idea of the type of client you want, write it down.

What is your unique value proposition.

What makes you different?
How do you serve others?
What gifts do you have?

This part makes you different and sets you apart from your competition. This is the best way to serve your clients.

What are you for?

Honesty, integrity, etc.

What are you against?

What is something that you can see in your industry that is wrong and how can you fix it.

What makes you knowable?

There are some things that I love to rave about, like pizza. I don’t discriminate on pizza carriers. I don’t think all pizzas are created equal, but I have a pretty flexible rating system.

What do you want to be known for?

I want to create an experience. It’s hard to put monetary value on something like that. Think about when you go on vacation or try a really good restaurant. Those experiences become the foundation of your memories.

Beyond your business title, how does your brand create an experience for your client.

How can you think about your client outside of what your business provides?

My friend, give yourself permission to dream.

You chose to say YES.

Yes to risk.

Yes to fear.

Yes to the odds.

Yes to your dreams.

And no to the 9-5.

No to the 5 am alarm.

No to sitting in a cubicle.

No to packed lunch. (I might add, I’m guilty for loving a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich.)

These few steps might require some work, but you know you are being intentional in your business. If they help you grab hold of the reins and gallop into branding glory…then get it homie! If you are like…”awwwww heck no, I ain’t doing all that”, let’s book a call  to chat about me taking the reins for you! 

Let’s connect on social media https://www.instagram.com/rosetello/?hl=en

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