WEDDING DAY MUSIC: Moffitt Oaks Weddings and Event Venue in Tomball, Texas

“DJ or no DJ?” I think that will depend on your environment and the mood you want to set. We are having our reception at a restaurant. Our guest count is about thirty people, so it is not a very large party. The space we have is a good space. It’s small and intimate, and  a dj would probably take away from that feel. Because of the setting of our reception, we are opting for more background music.

We started creating our playlist on my  Spotify app on my Iphone. I have a monthly subscription with them, so I can create as many playlist on my account. This particular playlist is called “wedding playlist.” Pretty straightforward.

Make sure your venue allows this particular option.

If you are opting to have a dj, you can still be exclusive on your music selection.One dj in particular that I like is Perfect Sounds Entertainment. He doesn’t self promote on the mic, and he will gladly accept a playlist if you recommend one.

There are also other options throughout the day, like musicians if you’d prefer. One company in particular that I like is Third Floor Strings.

A few things to keep in mind.

Songs for:

1.First Dance

2.Father Daughter Dance

3. Mother Son Dance

4. Last Dance

5. Most importantly, have fun!


(photo shot as a second photographer with 4 Keeps Photography)

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