I promise I had no idea what our colors were going to be. I just kind of selected a theme I wanted for our wedding and thought we could go from there. However, choosing a color does help your event designer have an idea about the design of your wedding.
The color came from many happy accidents.
First, Raul was drawn to this particular suit. He kept going back and forth about it until one day we were out shopping and caught a great deal on it. That was the beginning of our wedding day colors.
Next time, we were out paper shopping for our invitations. He was immediately drawn to the paper the color of his suit.
Third time, we were out shopping for wedding day shoes. Well guess what? My shoes matched the suit and the paper.
All these items coincidentally match our high school colors. A little insight to where we met.
Maybe you’re like me and have no clue about the color of your wedding. If you want something meaningful, think about your relationship. For some of you, you may have to go way back, but this might help a bit steer you in a better direction.


(photo shot as a second photographer with 4 Keeps Photography)

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