If you are like me, you probably have over 2,000 photos of your kids on your phone. They are so accustomed to us snapping a quick photo of them. They may even ask you to take a photo of them before you even consider taking out your phone. Because of that, you may think they are ready for a family portrait session. Just like you and me, they may feel a little nervous about being in front of a big, professional camera, especially if it is a stranger standing right behind it. Don’t fret, I am here to help with six stress-free tips for family portraits.

  1. Explain it to them.

To us, seems like a very simple process. To their developing minds, it’s a much bigger deal. Your conversation can go something like, “I scheduled a portrait session soon for the whole family. Do you know what that means? That means a professional photographer with a camera will be taking photos of the whole family. We will get dressed nicely and go to a beautiful location. The whole family will be there!”

2. Introduce them to your photographer.

Most photographers have some social media account. If they don’t, they most definitely have a website with an about page. 

Go to either of those and start sharing photos of your photographer with your child. Sit with them for a few minutes and share a few photos or facts of your photographer. Find a few similarities that your child can relate with. Maybe your family photographer shares photos of their own children that are the same age as your own children or their love for chocolate. 

3. Include them in the planning. 

When looking for clothes for your children, give them two options to choose from (giving them too many choices will overwhelm them).You’ve already done the hard work. Now, you have a final few before you hit the purchase button on your cart. Before you do that, ask them which of the two last choices they prefer. 

4. Don’t overbook the day of the shoot.

Take the day off doing light and easy work. Of course, you may need to book hair and makeup. Other than that, I would not overwhelm the day with more task. 

5. Pack some snacks.

The day before your shoot, have a bag ready with snacks and place them in your car. I like snacks that are not too messy like popcorn, bars, nuts, or rice cakes.

You can also have a lunch bag ready the day before in your refrigerator with grapes and cheese.

6. Create an experience.

It is a special day! One that will go on your walls. Let’s make it a beautiful experience. Plan on not cooking for this day and choose a restaurant your kids will love. It doesn’t have to be fancy. My son currently loves Raising Canes and that is a huge treat for him since we like to mostly have home cooked meals. 

If you prefer to cook, maybe cook something special. We made a sweet treat instead of a meal. S’more chocolate chip cookies! They were amazing!

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