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One of the things I LOVE about brand photography is being able to get creative with the client’s messaging. Once the client establishes what they want their audience to know, we can execute imagery for their brand that will stand out even in a saturated market.

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My friend, Cortney, is a real estate agent in what could feel like a very competitive market. Many of her clients are well educated with four year degrees. Being a mother, she wanted to reassure her clients she is they can trust her with a major purchase like a home and turn the narrative of working moms. For her brand photography session we focused on a feminine but powerful approach to her shoot. It was so important to present herself in a polished way to show her clients that she can be a source of valuable information.

Going into this shoot, we had that goal in mind and were set out to get those images for Cortney.
Here we will dive into the first part of her brand shoot which was done outdoors.

Location #1 : Bright + Natural

Cortney wanted to communicate was that she was polished, present and relatable. For this session, Cortney wanted to focus on wearing a dress to blend with the lush greens in the trees and grass. This location that matched the vibe of her wardrobe. This center has this beautiful walkway in between tall lush green grass and trees. We focus more of the session there where the light was impeccable. We also focused on the right poses that would look polished and approachable to future clients.

I had SOOO much fun creating these images for Cortney. For me when I see a mindset shift in the women I work with, I feel like my job is the most satisfying.

Of course, my job during a brand session is still to focus on the main agenda. That really was to turn the negative association of working moms and show her client’s that women can do both- work and be moms. I can’t wait to see how her business continues to grow while she uses these images. If you are in the Houston area in need of selling or purchasing your home, reach out to Cortney here.

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What misconceptions does your industry have that you would like to prove wrong?

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