Monday was off to a great start. Benjamin and I hung out with my best friend, ate pizza, ate half an ice cream, and had cake. I’d say it was a great way to start the week. However, at some point when we made it home, we both lost it. By the beginning of Monday evening, we were both crying. He was tired and I was trying to figure out how to help him sleep. I realized later that night he was going through the fourth leap in his mental development. That explained the unusual fuzziness.

A few things that have made this leap easy, so if you need a good laugh or cry, here you go.

This link
I ugly cried when i read this, and Benjamin giggled at every ugly, cry moment.

On Monday night, after everyone fell asleep, I binged on the mini series, Big Little Lies. I was so tired, but I needed some time to unwind. I took a hot shower and watched three episodes of the series.

Also, the soundtrack is so good, and if there is a song you must love, this one is it

Happy Friday!


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