Happy National Midwifery Week

This week is National Midwifery Week. It’s one of many of my favorite topics. I had such a great experience with Nativiti. The moment I had my first appointment, I knew Nativiti was the right place for me. I had two appointments prior to Nativiti with obstetricians. I would say that both doctors knew what they were doing, but they couldn’t give me the “scoop” about birthing. My first appointment with Nativiti was about an hour to an hour and half long. Mostly I listened and Jaelin talked about everything from diet, to tea, to exercise. I took it all very seriously. At the moment, I really didn’t have a clue what she was preparing me for.
The day finally came. The day I get to show off what I’m really made of. This day I needed all the endurance, support, love, and power. Hospitals, society, women, etc, make a major emphasis about pain during birth, but throughout my labor, my midwives taught me to surrender to it and breathe through it. The most important part of my care was that I had options, I was supported in my choices and respected. When I was tired of sitting in the warm bathtub, they encouraged, supported, and respected my option to change positions. The small details (giving me water from a straw, placing a wet towel on my neck, encouraging me through my contractions, spoon feeding me) made me feel safe, supported, and loved.
Having a midwife made a major imprint in my life. My experience gave my husband and I beautiful and unforgettable memories. The choices we had gave us the freedom to work together as husband and wife through this beautiful rite of passage.


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