The location for your engagement photos might be different for several reasons. It could be where you had your first date, where you were proposed to, a location you both like and frequent. There are a variation of reasons why you could chose any particular location. You might be encouraged to chose a location because it’s beautiful or discouraged about your options because it’s not magical enough but just think back to your relationship. Think about your first date, your favorite restaurant you frequent every Wednesday night, the first meal you shared, a favorite bar, or your favorite activities. Brainstorming together will help you decide what location is the best for your engagement session.
A few things to keep in mind when scouting for locations:
1. Does your location need a permit, if so, what will that cost be to you?
2. Will there be festivals or special events at your location? Keep in mind that if there are festivals, there will be crowds.
3. Does your location have special hours of operation? If you are considering taking photos at a bar or restaurant, ask in advance if you want the place to yourself. Some owners make exceptions and will allow this if you trade services, for instance, give them access to your photos for business use.
4. Most importantly, be in love and have fun.

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