Lose myself to dance

Last night, I decided in eleven days I am going to be a new person.  On September 16th, I get a second “Happy New Year.” I began to tell Neto what I thought all my flaws are. I explained to him that I hate that I am bossy, I wish I could start working out EVERYDAY, and work more.

“Well, those are not really flaws.”

Neto made me see myself in a different perspective. Yes, everyone does think I am bossy,  but deadlines and projects bring that project manager role out. I want everything done to perfection, and I usually set high expectations for any project. I believe we are super humans and can tackle a backyard in 2 hours, which really took us 8 hours.

I feel like a need to apologize for myself. I think it is common sense to work hard and strive for your dreams, and sometimes there is no room for fun, until you have reached your goals. Then, you can  pop the cork and make some mimosas. Some people don’t have common sense, so I feel a moral obligation to guide them. As an outsider, a friend, a sister, a significant other, it is my responsibility to tell you where you are messing up. These situations are sometimes confrontational, but I am not afraid of confrontation. I am afraid of what people think of me.

In eleven days, I am going to liberate myself. I am not going to  care what people think of me because I am not afraid to say what everyone else wants to say, and I will never be anyone’s enabler.

I will lose myself to a dance and be myself.

Rose Tello




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