Juror No. 28

Yes, I was happy I was not selected for jury duty. I know it sounds bad, but if it’s not reruns of Law and Order and it is not starring Danny Pino, I don’t want to sit in a courtroom for half a day. I promise I couldn’t wait for jury duty to be over. All I could think of is, “What’s for  lunch?” I kept eying those Oreo cookies in my purse.

I knew the safest way out was through those big heavy doors, but there I go walking through secret tunnels. I am positive I parked on the third floor, so I take the elevator up.

You know that lump in your throat you get right before you realize you don’t remember where you parked? Well, yeah I was that girl today. You can ask me to remember anything in this world, but parking garages are like short term memories to me.

The last few things I can remember about parking my car were yellow lines, a big truck, and telling myself, “Man, it would really suck if I pressed the gas into this cement post.”  Can you take me to that parking garage?

Juror No. 28, I am thankful for people like you. People like you will take a desperate girl up 11 levels of parking spaces and across the street to find her vehicle.

Thank you,

Rose Tello


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