Froberg’s Farm Sunflower Field: Mommy and Me Session

The Froberg’s Farm sunflower field mommy and me session was filled with sunshine from the morning sunrise. Danielle and her newborn baby girl soaked in the sun and snuggles through Froberg’s sunflower field. They wore the most flattering matching outfits. Danielle dressed in an off shoulder light purple dress and her Corgan Ann wore a matching outfit filled with white and purple flowers. Let’s not forget that cute big bow on her headband. Baby girls in headbands and bows are the prettiest.

We began the session shortly after sunrise to take advantage of the beautiful glow. The flattering light kissed moms shoulders as she rocked Corgan Ann to sleep. It was nice and toasty at the Froberg’s Farm. I can imagine why Corgan Ann fell right asleep after a few shots of the sun touching her face.

As we walked through the trail, the sunflowers radiate tall reaching for the sun. As a symbol of faith and devotion, they radiated hope with their bright, yellow petals.

It was a perfect sunflower field mommy and me session at Froberg’s Farm for a new life to be celebrated.

mom and newborn in sunflower field
mom and newborn in sunflower field

Venue: Froberg’s Farm

Mom’s Dress: Amazon

Baby’s Dress: Chelsea & Violet

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