We had casual conversations here and there about our lives, what’s new, what’s old, and beyond that. We planned to have pizza and catch up on the last ten years. Ten years became eleven years, and I finally agreed to an evening of ice skating. Fortunately, for him, I couldn’t show off my figure skating skills, and we had dinner instead, full of conversations and sentences about my dog.

Now, here we are. Wedding planning. I was between a destination wedding and a local wedding. I imagined a beach and both our immediate families present. We immediately decided a destination wedding was probably not a good option for us, especially since our guest would not have an adequate amount of time to prepare, so we decided local was our best option. Also, my wedding team is in Houston, from my wedding designer, photographer, make-up artist, and hair stylist. I didn’t want to compromise my team.

A few things to consider when choosing between a destination or local wedding.

Will your guest have time to prepare to travel?

Are you willing to trade off your wedding team for a wedding by the beach or any beautiful destination?

If not, is your wedding team willing to travel?

If they are not able to travel, will the resort or destination you choose give you the option to choose your team locally?




  1. Amanda-Lynn says:

    Destination wedding ettiquette can get tedious! Stick to your guns and your vision because hopefully you only ever do this once and it should be they way you and your love want it! Happy Planning! Xo

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