This part became easier as I knew the size of my party. However, for the first few weeks of the wedding planning process, I had a venue in mind in downtown Houston. I liked the open concept of the venue. My initial thought was a cocktail party with either a pizza bar or a taco bar.
Finally, we opted for a smaller wedding. I knew I wanted something at a restaurant with a private room. We had two choices. The first choice, Plonk, does not have a private room. Although, it is one of my favorite restaurants, and everything on that menu is incredible, it does not have the available space we need. We decided with Brix Wine and Cellar. It is also one of my favorite places, with a simple and easy menu- chicken, beef, and fish, which made my life a whole lot easier.
Also, Jordan, the event manager, has been very helpful with the process. I had a few concerns about having my wedding dinner there. The first one was about having an event designer. I still wanted to have the table settings, the name cards, and the menu. Basically everything you would have at a larger wedding, but in a small and different setting and not your usual wedding venue.
My second concern was about having a photographer present, which was also something the restaurant allowed.
The process has been very easy, and Jordan as been very responsive to my emails. That certainly has put some ease about the day.

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