Twenty Something

It’s like a Happy New Year all over. I start going through a list of things I am going to do better and things I am not going to do. Here’s twenty something things I love, I hate, and I may or may not do.

1. I hate diets.

2. I love food.

3. I’m going to be more diligent about running.

4. My new favorite nail polish is peach daiquiri.

5. Anything glitter makes me happy.

6. I love gel pens.

7. I crave ice cream almost everyday.

8. I will drive anywhere for the best food.

9. I walk the back isles of Target.

10. I read a book before bed everyday.

11. I talk to my dog, and I don’t care.

12. I give my dog bear hugs, and he loves it.

13. I love French movies.

14. I have many tv, and movie boyfriends, and one radio boyfriend.

15. I feel guilty when I buy a Snickers bar or a Coke.

16. Walgreens specifically ordered Snickers ice cream bar for me, at least, that’s what I’ll believe for now.

17. I still own my car from when I was 16.

18. I love movie dates with my novia.

19. I prefer shoes that make me three inches taller.

20. Cleaning days were created to watch Netflix all day.

21. I have a folder named “show me that rang gurl.”

22. I will study more.

23. I will work on my nice skills.

24. First thing I told Neto before we started dating, “I don’t cook and I don’t clean.”

25. Getting older scares me.

26. I’m in between Josh Fuller Band and Daft Punk.

27. I will surround myself with people who make me happier and better.

Here’s to a New Year!

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