Last weekend began as a long to do list, but it started off great and ended better. I slept in Friday, maybe 8:30, read my new book, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success. It’s a great read and inspirational. My friends joked about the book, “Why are you reading about basketball?!!!” More importantly, it’s about leadership, team work, winning, defeat, passion, and love.
The most successful people face the same dilemmas everyone else does. How do we make it to the goal without making it our goal? How do we live in the present? How do we accept who we are?
Before I knew who I was, let alone, accept who I am, the journey wasn’t easy.
Patience. My flaw. Perfectionist, self-doubter, cautious, over-thinker…my many flaws.
This year I’m fighting myself to live in the present and enjoy the journey- silent moments as I eat ice cream, falling asleep at the movie theater, and enjoying more desert after the movie. Oh and pizza. Obviously.


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