Study Groups and The Poetry Lounge: Natalie + Eric Anytime

Natalie and Eric met in Politics class, while he slept through the class, and she listened attentively to her worst subject. To make up for the lack of interest in that subject, she put together a study group. Well, it turns out that everyone to attend the study group cancelled, except Eric. Next time around, Eric approached Natalie to inquire about the next study group, unfortunately, she had not read the material and did not want to hold him back. Eric, on the other hand, didn’t even own the book! After two months and a plethora of study groups, Eric finally had it in him to ask Natalie for a date to the Poetry Lounge.
And here we are. With the help of some great friends, we put together this amazing group of people who put their hearts into this shoot.
Many, many thanks to this talented group of people who made this shoot possible.

Venue: The Gallery
Styling: Carolyn Mills of Sweet Tea and Linen
Floral Design: Holly of A Different Bloom
Paper Design: Yvonne Lopez
Hair and Makeup: Marlyn Carrillo
Nails: Colour Nail Bar
Dress and Accessories: The Princess Bridal
Models (and in love): Eric Belt and Natalie Zuniga













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