See Me at N. Prospect and Kane

Everyday was a mission with you. Where to eat? Where to drink? What to do? The agenda was endless. You welcomed me with rain, wind, and cold weather, but I fell in love with you as I danced to The Clash at Mad Planet. It reminded me of one of my favorite bars in Houston. Pure, real, gritty, and genuine. I fell in love with Milwaukee.
I shared a common nostalgia for the Third Ward. It was home the first time I visited my best friend in Milwaukee. The dark, lonely alleys reminded me of the cold winter, which was really spring, but it was just too cold for Texas. The air was fresher, and Milwaukee’s eighty degrees doesn’t compare anything to the sauna I live in.
The food was perfection.
The walks were indulging, full of laughter, yassss’, citric acid, and lies that our distillery tour guide told us.
Milwaukee became my new home.


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