The results of the elections have stirred a lot of negative feelings, and in spite of what direction the election went, I think we need to remember and focus on the positive in our lives. We need to remember how to keep creating unforgetable memories with our friends and family.

Every morning and every evening I have an opportunity to reflect on the good in my life.

My mom, my sisters, their husbands, the kids, my new family, Frankie, Raul, our health, and our opportunities for greater happiness and experiences.

Recently, my mom called me randomly to tell me she made food. She is a woman of very few words, but her actions are so powerful and affirming. I am thankful that I still get to share space and time with her.

One of my sisters, is currently many miles away in a different continent seven hours ahead of us. Most times, I don’t get to see her because of the time difference. I’m at work when they’re up and when they’re asleep, I’m finally winding down. However, we manage to communicate through text throughout the week. I think about my nephew often and how big he might look when I finally do see him.  Some of the things my sister tells me make me so happy about how he has become such a wonderful young boy, and I’m thankful, through her, I get to be a part of their lives.

Some moments that are unforgettable- my niece showing off her toothless mouth. These milestones are so small but so important that we make ourselves present.

So today, be present, joyful, and make memories.



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