Family Portraits With Grandparents

Family portraits with grandparents can be challenging. I learned it is a lot harder with all parties involved yelling at the same time.

This gives children no sense of direction of where to look.

Here’s how to have family portraits with grandparents go smoothly:

  1. Stay clear of the area

Parents of older children- give your photographer room to work. Avoid being in the background and behind your photographer. Being behind your photographer can cause distractions and accidents, especially if your photographer needs room to move back and forth.

2. Pay your photographer to coordinate outfits.

Not all photographers have the ability to do this. Find one that can or work with a stylist. For this session, I coordinated all outfits. Six of those outfits I ordered for the client, and the rest I coordinated with what was in their closet.

3. Assign an assistant

If your photographer does not provide this service, assign an adult in the family to stand by the photographer’s side. This assistant will focus on hair and wardrobe malfunctions. You will be the second eyes to your photographer. Keep an eye on hair out of place, hair in face, hair falling oddly and wardrobe that may need to be adjusted. Your assistant will also be in charge of collecting any cell phones in and keys pockets, hair ties on wrist, and possibly earbuds.

4. No yelling

Allow your photographer to give direction. If you see something, notify the photographer so he/she can give grandparents and children directions on how to fix poses. Yelling through the session will cause chaos and distractions for adults and children.

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oak tree portrait of grandma with ten grandchildren
oak tree portrait of grandma with ten grandchildren

Wardrobe details

Blue Dress

Beige Dress

Newborn Pink Romper

Beige Men’s Polo

Men’s Khaki

Boys White Polo

Boys Khaki

Little Boys Khaki

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