Dieters Gone Wild

Diets… and there goes a sigh. I never thought I would get myself into this predicament, but I like my old self. My face has gained some extra happy cheeks, so here I am at it for real this time.
Saturday was officially suppose to be my cheat day, but I gave in. Who could say no to brisket, potato salad, rice, charro beans, and tres leches cake. I was a little disappointed in myself because I felt like I had put in so much work up until that day. I worked out just about all week, and I was eating right. I truly felt so proud of myself by the end of Wednesday night as I sat in front of the television watching Law and Order with my glass of wine.
It was my brother in laws graduation day and I thought I had prepared myself mentally for that day. I rehearsed all the lines in case someone gave me a loaded plate of delicious food, but my Latin family doesn’t believe in diets. It’s all about portion control, and I am fully aware of that, but it’s just something I have to prove to myself.
My sisters and I speak the same love language for food. A few weeks ago we went on a day trip to Dallas, and I spoke out loud and noticed that most of our trip consisted of us eating and breaks in between, which were officially walks to our next destination. It’s the most memorable way I love spending time with my sisters. Laughing, talking, remembering, and eating.
In the next three weeks, I WILL be on a “no carb” diet, with the exception of Saturdays, my cheat days.
Carbs, how I love thee.

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