On Saturday, I embarrassed myself with my tantrum…a “sweaty angry tirade.” I was frustrated, mad, overwhelmed, tired, and confused about my journey. I was experiencing a mild funk; I started to lose faith in my journey, and I couldn’t say it out loud.
To maximize my life, I need to work seven days a week, be in bed by nine,doze off to a Netflix series, read an educational book, while I enjoy dinner out of a sonic bag.
My biggest challenge has always been rewarding myself at the end of the day.
When I don’t, I become overwhelmed and cry on the ride home as I sing along to The Cure, so I realize how important it is to do things that matter. To put time into our relationships- our friends and family.
So, this weekend, I will celebrate with my niece and my nephew. We will eat out of burger bags, watch each other eat yellow cake with whipped chocolate icing, and give each other food comas.


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